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Our Mission

At efosa, our mission is to educate, highlight events & experiences, and share resourceful information with our community and fellow Ontarians.
We focus on educational, resourceful, and fun content for Ontarians with a specialized focus on Black-Led and Indigenous-led initiatives.
Whether you are a newcomer to Ontario or a lifer, there is always something for everyone


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Our story

Educational, Resourceful, and Fun

Narrative: Our journey at Efosa is a tale of passion, purpose, and a deep-rooted commitment to fostering visibility, celebrating diversity, and empowering communities. It all began with a simple yet powerful vision: highlighting the brilliance of Ontario's small businesses, cultural events, and experiences within Ontario.

The Vision: Efosa's story commenced with the spark of an idea that ignited our enthusiasm to create a platform that would do more than provide information; it would tell the story of Ontario's rich experiences while highlighting resources for Ontarians. We envisioned a space where Black-led and Indigenous-led initiatives would find their well-deserved spotlight, where educational insights would inspire, and where resourceful information would equip communities for success.

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